T-PAK 500

Product Description

OK Sealer offers a variety of semi-automatic bagging systems that offer you a reliable and versatile bag sealing experience. The semi-automatic T-PAK 500 comes equipped with an OK Supersealer, optional T-PAK Infeed device, SST Top Trimmer and a Trim Remover.  The system is assembled to seal any kind of bag material for the food, medical device or staples industry. This system is used in combination with automatic baggers or multi operators on one line. It’s available in painted, stainless steel or wash down configurations. 

All the sealers are available in right to left or left to right configurations with various options. It runs on 110 volt or 220 volt, and can be plugged into any wall socket.It is CE marked and CSA marked

Bag Top Trimmers remove excess material from bags to create clean packages. The trimmer provides fast and crisp.

Jet Flow Trim Remover sucks the trim from the Bag Top Trimmer into a mesh bag.

Automatic Infeed creates a smooth automatic transaction into the Supersealer for High Speed Conveyor Systems. 

Bag Coders/Printers Emboss Coder or Ink Roll Coder. Up to Two Lines. All Other coders on the market can be mounted to the Supersealer.




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