Semi Automatic Bag Fill and Seal Line - Supersealer with Tridyne Scale

Product Description

OK Sealer and Tridyne scale introduce a new weigh, fill, and sealing system recommended for any free flowing dry material such as foods, coffee, tea, electronic components, candy, grains, pills, plastic parts and seeds. The compact affordable systems are ideal for small or start-up companies needing to get their product into market with very little investment. The scales have all stainless steel contact parts.  

The Tridyne Scales come in many different configurations, from single lane to multiple lanes with a single controller. Some of the scales can have split front feeders for difficult or irregular sized materials and multiple feeders per lane to ensure consistent, controlled uniform product flow leading to the fastest most accurate weighments possible.

All the sealers are available in right to left or left to right configurations, so the scale can be accommodated from either side.  Painted, stainless steel or washdown configurations with various options. 

Bag Top Trimmers remove excess material from bags to create clean packages. The trimmer provides fast and crisp cuts.

Jet Flow Trim Remover sucks the trim from the Bag Top Trimmer into a mesh bag.

Support Conveyors we provide solutions to meet all application requirements. 

Bag Fillers/Bag Loaders OK Sealer works with their partners who manufacture scales, augers, and robotics and automatic bag loaders to create a seamless packing line. 

Bag Coders/Printers Emboss Coder or Ink Roll Coder. Up to Two Lines. All Other coders on the market can be mounted to the Supersealer

Washdown version - IP65 and IP69K Rated Washdown Bag Sealers. An IP65 rating sealer can be washed down with a garden hose. Our IP69K Sealer or system can handle the demands of aggressive washdown.

Our washdown bag sealers are ideal solutions for clean-room packaging environments and packagers that require strict cleaning standards. Our stainless steel, IP65 and IP69K rated bag sealers are trusted worldwide by seafood, chicken, meat, produce, pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, and other manufacturers that require frequent cleaning of their packaging equipment.